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Welcome to Daily Adjuster
We Help Contractors Learn A Proven System That Will Explode Profit Margins On Each and Every Job. A Step-By-Step Cheat Code That Can Transform Your Business in 2019...

(See Example Below...)
Who Is Daily Adjuster?
Daily Adjuster was created by Independent Insurance Adjusters with over 20 years of Claims and Construction experience. As we closed millions of dollars’ worth of claims over the years, working with hundreds of contractors in several states, we noticed a consistent problem throughout the industry… many contractors consistently leave TONS of money and profit on the table. Seriously. Nearly every job or claim, there’s money and opportunity left on the table.
It’s not that contractors WANT to leave money on the table. I mean, who purposefully leaves money and MARGIN on the table, right?? Over the years and thousands of claims, we’ve found that these contractors are simply missing one thing… That’s it. One thing. (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW)
The difference between an extremely successful, and PROFITABLE Contractor is ONE THING.
This one thing is UNDERSTANDING the insurance claim process from the adjuster’s perspective, and using that to their advantage as a Contractor.
Think of it as a Cheat Code for your business.
This one thing could seriously transform your business in 2019...

What If You Could Stop:
  • Bidding Jobs
  • Dickering prices with your customers
  • Competing with every contractor who’s a little cheaper
What If You Could Start:
  • Consistently doubling (At Least) your margins for the same work you’re currently doing (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW!)
  • Building a profitable, Recession-Proof business
  • Turning away unproductive jobs at will
  • Finding these profitable jobs with ease
  • Marketing your business to be the “Go To” contractor in your region
  • Scaling your business faster than you ever dreamed possible
Sounds Too Good To Be True, Right?

It’s not too good to be true. It’s 100% possible. We’ve done it. We’ve made contractors successful. We’ve helped build businesses using our UNDERSTANDING of the Claims Process and Marketing Principles.

You've dreamed of creating an ultra profitable, scale-able business... now it’s your turn to get what you deserve.
We’ve built a system that teaches you literally EVERYTHING you need to know about the claims process.

We’re not holding anything back.
The Choice Is Yours...
The Opportunity to Transform Your Business is RIGHT HERE
The Success of Your Business, the Welfare and Prosperity of Your Family Depends on You 100%.

Are you ready to take action in 2019? Are you ready to make THIS the year that you took your business and your LIFE to the next level? If not, that's okay. You can stop reading now.

Still here? We knew you would be...
You are now on the path to BIG Profits, and FASTLANE Success
You're No Longer a Trading Hours for Dollars...

And We're Going to Teach You Literally Everything You Need to Know.

 Call it "Insider Hacks" or "The Black Book" or "Cheat Code" or "Inside Secrets"...
Call it whatever you want. We're giving it to you. Everything.

We have charged upwards of $10,000 PER JOB  for the information we're teaching in this course.

What's CRAZY, is the contractors we work with have made this money BACK (See Below) on one job...

With the information we're disclosing, you will increase your margins job after job after job.

We will even teach you how to Market Your Business to GET MORE of these jobs!

AND.... We're offering YOU a MASSIVE discount for our Early Adopters Course.
We're Offering This At Over 90% OFF!
For an EXTREMELY Limited Time Only....

This is your First and Last Chance to snag this deal, and get the knowledge and the step-by-step process that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in 2019.
Before Daily Adjuster...
Initial Approval
After Daily Adjuster...
Final Approval
Our Early Adopters Course Will Teach You EXACTLY How We Turn Jobs Like This Consistently
Daily Adjuster Early Adopters Course Includes...
  • Professional Insurance Contracting Business Course - Insurance Claim Contracting Secrets and Strategies for Contractors Just Starting Out as well as Experienced Claim Contractors. We're Not Holding Anything Back. ($10k Value)
  • FREE LIFETIME Access to Our Professional Development Group (Normally $19/mo)
  • Access to Our Live Business Accelerator Webinar
  • Custom Branded Landing Page to Start Generating Leads and Sales FAST ($1,500 Value)
  • Targeted Storm Marketing Course ($5,000 Value) - Learn How to Drive Valuable, Targeted Leads Directly to Your Inbox Using Tools Marketing Agencies Use
  • One Hour 1-on-1 Screen Share + Live Call with Daily Adjuster
  • **Bonus** - Drawing to Win A FREE 30 Day Business Transformation Consultation with the Pros at Daily Adjuster. Winners will also be receive the Entire Course For FREE!
We Are Giving You Well Over $10,000 Value In This Early Adopters Course!!!
Get the Adjuster's Secrets to Winning more Jobs and Growing an Insanely Profitable Business!
(You Won't find This Insider Information Anywhere Else...)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is this course for?
A: This course is for any contractor who wants to start working insurance claims, or increase their margin on current insurance claim jobs.

Q: How soon can I expect to get my Return On Investment?
A: Honestly, that depends on you, and how aggressive you are at applying what you learn... But, we're pretty confident that you could make your Return On Investment back on ONE JOB.

Q: What does the course consist of?
A: The course of consists of Sales, Marketing, Estimating, and Supplementing secrets we've learned from over 16 years claims and contracting experience. We are also including all of the Forms, Contracts and Language you need. We're not holding anything back.

Q: What is the Early Adopters Group?
A: The Early Adopters Group is essentially partnering with Daily Adjuster to build and compile the best and most applicable information and principles for the course. Our Early Adopters will get Exclusive Pricing and personal access to grow and accelerate their business. We will never open an Early Adopters group again, and the spots are limited. Once the Early Adopters Group is closed, that's it. 

Q: If you are claiming to increase profit margins like you say you are, why are you charging so little for the course?
A: This is a new course, thus the Early Adopters pricing. Once we have feedback and our case studies from the Early Adopters, the price for the course will increase drastically. (Get in early and save THOUSANDS)

Q: I already work insurance claims, will I still find value in this course?
A: Yes, even if you are a well-established company, we believe anyone who takes this course will take at least 1 thing home with
them that will add value to their company and money to their bottom line.

Q: Will I be required to download or buy additional programs?
A: Short Answer, No. This course does not require you to buy any system. However we will make recommendation on software systems we suggest you are at least familiar with to maximize your margins.

Q: I consider myself an old school - pencil/ paper type of contractor, will I still find value and understand this course?
A: Yes, we will do everything we can to bring you up to speed and help you understand the different opportunities within the insurance market.

Q: Do you offer this program in Spanish?
A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not. However, send us an email if you are interested in receiving this course in Spanish and we will
see if we can work something out with you!
    What Are You Waiting For?
    Take Your Business and your Life to the NEXT LEVEL in 2019!

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