What’s a Supplement?

Supplements by definition are an addition to an original estimate on an open insurance claim. Supplements are a normal part of the claims process, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process it can be intimidating. There are generally two reasons for supplements; 1. Additional damage is found while a repair is in process. 2. While writing the repair estimate, the Adjuster/ Insurance Company missed a few items that are necessary to complete the repair.  Despite an agreed upon scope with the Adjuster/ Insurance Company, it is not uncommon for a supplement to be necessary.

Generally, if a scope is spot on item for item, the price on the estimate should be in line with the necessary repairs. The Adjuster’s estimating software generally covers all material, labor, and contractor profit for a claim. Less the Insured’s deductible, of course. But, what if you spot a need for a supplement? If you’re a contractor, there is no reason to fear a supplement estimate.

Supplement Estimate Photo

There are several ways to create a supplement, and we will cover how to submit a supplement in our next post. As a contractor, the important thing to remember is that every little bit counts. Especially if you are doing insurance jobs with any kind of volume. If you install 300 roofs per year, would an additional $100 per roof be worth the hassle? Add $30,000 to your bottom line? A $100 supplement is easily achieved and easily surpassed with proper documentation. Stay tuned. Dailyadjuster.com will guide you through the process, and help you communicate with the Insurance Company and the Insured effectively.


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